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1.0GB ₦350 30DAYS
2.0GB ₦700 30DAYS
3.0GB ₦1050 30DAYS
6.0GB ₦1400 1WEEK
5.0GB ₦1750 30DAYS
10.0GB ₦3400 30DAYS
15.0GB ₦4800 30DAYS
20.0GB ₦5800 30DAYS
40.0GB ₦9700 30DAYS
75.0GB ₦14650 30DAYS

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920.0MB ₦450 14DAYS
2.3GB ₦900 30DAYS
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5.5GB ₦1800 30DAYS
7.5GB ₦2300 30DAYS
10.0GB ₦2800 30DAYS
13.0GB ₦3700 30DAYS
18.0GB ₦4700 30DAYS
29.0GB ₦7500 30DAYS

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750.0MB ₦450 14DAYS
1.0GB ₦470 7DAYS
1.5GB ₦900 30DAYS
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6.0GB ₦1400 1WEEK
4.5GB ₦1800 30DAYS
6.0GB ₦2350 30DAYS
8.0GB ₦2800 30DAYS
11.0GB ₦3700 30DAYS
15.0GB ₦4700 30DAYS
40.0GB ₦9600 30DAYS
75.0GB ₦14000 30DAYS
110.0GB ₦19000 30DAYS

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1.5GB ₦900 30DAYS
2.0GB ₦1080 30DAYS
4.5GB ₦1800 30DAYS
11.0GB ₦3700 30DAYS
15.0GB ₦4750 30DAYS
40.0GB ₦9700 30DAYS
75.0GB ₦14800 30DAYS

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